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Posted by on May 6, 2015
Also located near Williamsburg, Westover, like Carter's Grove , is considered to be one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in the country. However, their two histories cound not have been more different. Westover has enjoyed a stable and continuous ownership with few structural changes. It was originally thought to have been built in 1730 by Wm. Byrd II, but recent tree ring dating on boards from the house put construction at ca 1750 and, therefore, it was built by Wm. Byrd III. Westover was occupied by Union troops during the Civil War as can be seen in the 1862 photo. During the war, Confederate cannon fire missed Union troops and destroyed the east dependency  with its 4,000 books.  People enjoyed the river view from the front door as seen in the 1897 photo.Two years later Westover was modernized by a Byrd decendent who joined the west and rebuilt the east dependencies. Notice how similar Westover looks in  the 1903 photo and the current one. Click all photos to enlarge. westover (1)westovermainhouse_500WestDrwy1897WestDrwayNowWestEaWestEastwest1903WestRodNasbie

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