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Port Pontchartrain Lighthouse

Posted by on August 1, 2016
Port Pontchartrain Lighthouse is located on Lake Pontchartrain Louisiana and was built in 1855. For 47 years--1882-1929-- it had a series of three women lighthouse keepers. In 1939 the surrounding land was reclaimed resulting in an amusement park which lasted until 1983. In 1991 the University of New Orleans took over and made a research park but kept the lighthouse. In 2004 a 1.2 million-dollar restoration was completed. The first photo is dated 1900, the third is undated and the fifth is from the 1970s. PortP1900.jpgPortP1900Now.jpgPortPparkPortPparknow.jpgPortP1970.jpgPortP1970Now.jpg

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