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McLean House

Posted by on May 1, 2017
The McLean House was also built in 1848 and is located in Appomattox, Va. It served as the surrender site for the Confederate Army when Lee and Grant met there on April 9, 1865. It had been purchased by Wilmer McLean in 1863 who, ironically, moved there to avoid the war, which had started on his farm in 1861 in Manassas, Va.! In the 1890s it was dismantled to be moved to Washinton D.C. where it was intended to be reassembled and  serve as a Civil War museum . That never happened so the scraps sat in pieces for 50 years when many of the old materials (5,000 bricks)  and new ones were used to reconstruct the dwelling, which then opened for tours in 1949. The first photo is dated 1865. McLApr1865 McL

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