Artist Point

Artist Point is on the south rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Upper Falls is in view in both pictures. Probably the first white man to visit the site was Jim Bridger in 1846. It is seen here showing Teddy Roosevelt’s famous cousin- FDR- during a 1937 tour.


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Grotto Geyser

Located in Upper Geyser Basin, Grotto Geyser erupts about every eight hours to an average height of 10 feet. Durations vary from one hour to as many as 10 hours. The first photo shows tourists in 1898.


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Pulpit Terrace

Pulpit Terrace is located in the Mammoth Hot Springs area. The first two photos date from 1905 and probably record the first ever camera wave.


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Fort Yellowstone

Fort Yellowstone is located in the northern portion of Yellowstone NP and is part of the Mammoth Hot Springs region. When early park superintendents could not adequately protect against squatters, poachers, and souvenir hunters, the Army arrived in 1886 and stayed for thirty years. Many buildings remain and can be visited via a self-guided walking tour. The first photo is an early 1900s view.



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Liberty Cap

Near the Fort is a 37-foot  formation known as Liberty Cap, so named in 1871  because of its resemblance to caps worn during the French Revolution. Inside is a hot spring that has remained open for hundreds of years causing mineral deposits to build up and enclose it. The first photo is from 1871, the second shows tourists in 1888, and the third shows Teddy Roosevelt during his 1903 tour of Yellowstone.


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Minerva Terrace

Minerva Terrace is one of many terraces, but it is the most popular owing to its many colors. Hot steam containing sulfer leaks out of the ground causing a yellowish color to the stones, from which the name of Yellowstone National Park was derived. The first photo is a handpainted shot of tourists in 1886. The third photo shows the 25th US Infantry Regiment Buffalo Soldiers in 1897 stopping at Minerva Terrace during their 1900 mile bicycle journey. The Army was testing iron bikes as an alternative to horses.


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Old Faithful Geyser

When thinking of Yellowstone, Old Faithful Geyser immediately comes to mind. It was the first geyser to be named (1870) in America’s first National Park established in 1871. Old Faithful erupts about every 91 minutes to an average height of 145 feet and shoots anywhere from 3,700 to 8,400 gallons of boiling water. In the early 1880s it was actually  used as a laundry. One observer  “found that linen and cotton fabrics were uninjured by the action of the water, but woolen clothes were torn to shreds.” The first photo is the very first one ever taken of Old Faithful and was done by William Henry Jackson during the Hayden Expedition in 1870. The second is from the 1920s, and the third is by Ansul Adams in 1940. 1871 1920sAnsulA1940001

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Old Faithful Inn

A short walk from Old Faithful Geyser is the Old Faithful Inn, which opened in1904. It is the largest log hotel in the world and, quite possibily, the largest log building. The first ” then” photo dates from shortly after the opening, the second is dated 1906, and the third is 1928.



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Lake Tahoe

Picture the Tetons completely surrounding Jackson Hole WY, and you can picture what Lake Tahoe is like. Divided down the middle by the Nevada and California state line, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in the U.S. and the second deepest. Tahoe City is located about 0ne-third of the way down the California side. It is a great place to stay and use as a base for all the terrific hiking and sightseeing in the area.The town celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013 and is seen here in an 1886 photo.



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Main Street

Tahoe City is on  the rustic side of the lake with much more emphasis on outdoor activities. Here is a 1940s photo of the center of town.

Image (2)IMG_1051

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