Located directly below the cliff view of Emerald Bay shown above, is Vikingsholm, built at water level as a summer home in 1929 for $500,000 (What Depression??). It replicates a 9th Century Norse fortress. The owners were the major financial backers of Lindberg’s solo flight across the Atlantic The photo is from the early 1930s.




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Ehrman Mansion

Heading back to Tahoe City from Vikingsholm for about fifteen miles, you will come across the 1903 Ehrman Mansion, which is similar to Vikingsholm in that it too is located on the water, has a turret, and is part of a  a state park (Sugar Pine Point)  open to visitors. Incredibly preserved inside and out, it was the first in the region to have power and indoor plumbing . They generated their own electricity until it became commercially avalable in 1927. The oppulent summer home required a seasonal staff 0f 27 to meet the needs of family and their many guests.IMG_1060

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Meade Hotel

Bannack was the original capital of the Montana Territory as evidenced by the photo of the recently completed court house in 1875. The county seat was moved in 1881, and the building was converted to a hotel in 1890. It boasted excellent accommodations and superb food served on fine china and white linen. It closed in the 1940s.

CtHse1875CtHse-2Meade1920sImage (6)

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Just to the left of the Meade are the old drug store and then the assay office. In July 2013 a devastating flash flood damaged about 80% of the 50+ old buildings in Bannack, and the assay office had to be completely rebuilt. The old photos date from the 1940s.


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Skinner’s Saloon

Shown here in a 1940s photo is a building that was moved to Bannack in 1863. It operated for two years as a saloon and hang-out for road agents. It was a dry goods store for 30 years but, in a nod to Bannack’s raucous past, is still referred to as Skinner’s Saloon.


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The Bannack jail was built in 1863 by the crooked sheriff Henry Plummer. He was briefly jailed there and then was  hanged by vigilantes in 1864  for his role as leader of a gang responsible for over 100 murders in the area. The first photo is from the early 1940s.



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The First Methodist Church was built in 1877 and is seen here in an undated photograph. It is still used for community events.


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School/Masonic Lodge

This building was built in 1874 and housed a school on the first floor and a Masonic Lodge on the second. The photo is from 1878. The school closed in 1951. Visitors can still see the original desks and chalkboard.

SchMas1878Image (7)

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Cuneo Museum

We conclude the Chicago area sites with two classics. The first was a residence in Libertyville IL that is now known as the Cuneo Museum and Gardens. It was originally the Samuel Insul estate built in 1916. Insul made his fortune as creator of Commonwealth Edison and Peoples Gas, as well as head of the RTA and four other rail lines in Chicago, but lost it all in the Great Depression. The estate  was purchased by John Cuneo in 1937 and given intact to a foundation in 1990. Today it is a museum and venue for concerts, weddings, car shows, art festivals and special events. The front photo was taken in 1941 and the rear yard photos in 1926.



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Mineola Hotel

Built in 1884, the Mineola Hotel in Fox Lake IL. was originally a private club for a few members of the Chicago Board of Trade. It was sold in 1891 and remodeled. The veranda was designed by the same architect who did the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. During Prohibition the Mineola was  a hangout for Chicago mobsters, most noteably Al Capone. It is still considered the largest frame building in Illinois, but, sadly, is closed to the public and awaits probable demolition. The first two photos were taken 1911 and 1913 respectively while the Waukegan Bachlors Club photo was taken in 1907.

Mineola1911Mineola2Mineola 1913Mineola1Waukegan Bachelors Club 1907Waukeganclub


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