Citizens National Bank

The Citizens National Bank was built in 1911 and is seen here in a photo from the 1930s. Following a merger, it moved to the Hill Building (to be seen next month) in 1970, and the building was convereted to law offices. Unfortunately the arched, multi-panelled windows were replaced with stone. Currently unoccupied.




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Bull Durham Plant

The Bull Durham Plant was built in 1874 and remains to this day the oldest building in downtown Durham. American Tobacco ceased operations in 1987, and the facility remained vacant until a three-year renovation began in 2005. Now known as A.T. Campus, it hosts concerts and art exhibits and has numerous restaurants and other mercantile operations. Located next to Durham Performing Arts Center and Bull Durham Triple A baseball, it is a great entertainment venue. The first two pictures date back to 1905 and 1910, respectively, while the third is from the 1940s.






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Hotel Del Coronado

Located on Coronado Island near San Diego, “The Del”  is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2013. It was long the playground of the stars in Hollywood’s heyday. It has appeared in numerous movies, the most notable one being Some Like It Hot. Sixteen Presidents have also stayed there. Then photos were  taken in 1900.


Image (2)

del ca1900


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Multnomah Hotel

The Multnomah Hotel was built in downtown Portland Oregon in 1912. It has seen only nine Presidents but, more importantly, hosted Elvis in 1957. It was used for government offices from 1965 to 1992 when it was purchased and returned to its former grandeur. The hotel is operated by Embassy Suites.

Image (5)Image (6)Image (7)

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The Stanley Hotel

F.O. Stanley ( inventor of the Stanley Steamer) arrived in Estes Park Colorado in 1903 to recover from TB. He so liked what he saw he built a magnificant hotel which opened on July 4th, 1909. It is the only site known to have scared Stephen King, who later wrote The Shining based on his stay as the only tenant one dark and stormy night. The Stanley was featured prominately in The Shining TV mini-series and is seen here in an early photo from 1915.



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Mendocino Hotel

The Mendocino Hotel opened in 1878 as The Temperance House. Mendocino, the picturesque logging town on the northern California coast, then had nineteen saloons and 20,000 people. Today it has a population of 1000 and appears frequently as Cabot Cove in the Murder She Wrote TV series. The early photo is undated.


Image (3)


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The New Sheridan Hotel

The original Sheridan Hotel was built in 1895 in Telluride Colorado. Two years later a three-story structure was built just east of it, and that building was called the New Sheridan Hotel. The New Sheridan was the site of William Jennings Bryan “Cross of Gold” speech. In 1906 the original hotel burned and in 1994 ( a mere 86 years later) it was recontructed.  The early photo was taken in 1899.

Image (4)

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Crazy Horse Memorial

Located 46 miles southwest of Rapid City S.D., Crazy Horse Memorial was begun in 1948 by Korczak Zuiolkowski. Everything he needed he carried up 700+ steps to the mountain top. He continued to work on it until his death in 1982 when his wife Ruth and seven of their ten children took over. In spite of two $5,000,000 offers from the Federal Government, no government funds have ever been used in the 65 years of the Memorial’s  existence. These pictures show it on the day of the first blast in 1948 followed by a 1957 view.


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The Memorial is the world’s largeest mountain carving and will measure 641 feet long and 563 feet high. The 1969 picture shows progress compared to the scale model as does the current photo. Click current photo to enlarge.



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Here is a face picture taken atop the mountain in 1990 with considerable progress shown in the second photo.


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