Cathedral Spires

Cathedral Spires is another frequently photographed formation. The first photo is dated 1885 and the second shows an Easter serivce in the 1930’s.


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Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge was built in 1862 and is the second oldest cast iron bridge in America. The photo is dated ca. 1865. The cast iron urns disappeared in the 1920s but have recently been replaced with exact replicas.


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Two of the more prominent sculptures in Central Park are those of Daniel Webster and Shakespeare. Webster’s was dedicated in 1876 and is seen here in a 1905 photo. Shakespeare’s was dedicated in 1872 and is seen in a 1934 photo.



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Belvidere Castle

Belvidere Castle was designed in 1865 and was quickly dubbed the “Victorian Folly.”  Great to look at, it actually had no  purpose until 1919 when it started to collect weather data and continues to do so to this day. The photo is dated 1906.



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Central Park Mall

Central Park in New York City opened in 1857 when America had only 31 states. Major construction began 4 years before the Civil War started and continued through the war with final completion being in 1873. Twenty-five million people a year visit Central Park. It is one of the most filmed locations in the world. The Park has 15 bridges, 21 arches, 7 ornamental fountains, and 9,000 benches.

Known as the “grand prominade” the Mall is a 1/4 mile pedestrian walkway through the middle of Central Park. It was one of the first areas built and is the only intentionally straight line in the Park.The first two photos are dated ca. 1900 and 1894 respectively.


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Mall Terrace

The Mall ends at the Terrace, which was built between the years 1859 and 1864 and was the first completed structure. Along with the Bethesda Fountain nearby, the area is considered to be the heart of Central Park. The first photo is dated 1862 and shows the Terrace under construction. BethTerr1862UnderCon BethTerrNow

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Central Park Terrace and Fountain

At the foot of the Terrace stairs is the Bethesda Fountain  also known as the Angel of the Water. It was completed in 1873 and was designed by Emma Stebbins, a ground breaking event for women during that era. The first photo is dated 1905  and the third was taken in 1920


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Central Park can be enjoyed year round as seen here in photos dated 1888   and ca. 1900.


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Estes Park Bank

The Estes Park Bank opened in 1908 and  was the first brick building contsructed in the town. It cost $,1,627 to build, including the cost of the vault. This was at a time when a bank employee earned about 75 cents a day. The photo is dated 1909.

Bank1909 001


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Manford Hotel

The Manford Hotel also opened in 1908 and was located directly across the street from the Bank. It is seen here in a 1920 photo. Today the building contains various shops.


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