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Carter’s Grove

Posted by on April 1, 2015
Located on the James River a few miles southeast of Williamsburg, Carter's Grove sits on 476 acres. Construction of the 18,700 square foot home started in 1738 and took fifteen years to complete.It was built by Carter Burwell, who died one year after moving in, a foreshadowing of what was to be a tumultuous history.Major changes ocurred to the home in 1879 with the addition of elaborate porches to the river and land sides of the house. In the early 1900s the dependences were joined  to the house and, shortly after that,  it began to fall into disrepair by absentee owners. It was saved by the McCrea family who , in 1928, made major changes to the dependencies, raised the roof seven feet and removed the porches.  It was purchased by Colonial Williamsburg in 1964. The first photo is from the  early 1900s, the third is undated, and the fifth is from the 1920s. CGRiverearly1900sCGRiver2012CGRvrFTCGRvrFtnowCGca1920CGcaNow

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